What factors should be paid attention to in fiber optic cable?

Update:14 Dec 2018

First, we must choose according to the different needs of different customers.

According to the staff of the cable manufacturer, different buildings and communication environments, as well as the network cable distribution of the cable application unit, are different. This requires different requirements in setting the topology of the cable, the type of cable and the hardware selection. After all, only the most suitable hardware is the most suitable.

Second, we must consider the electromagnetic impact

Nowadays, the number and types of electrical appliances used by households and units are increasing. The electrical appliances generate a certain magnetic field when working. When the optical cable passes through the magnetic field, the signal will be weakened or lost, causing the network signal to be stuck. Situation, therefore, the cable manufacturer recommends that the construction unit should be away from various radiation equipment and interference sources during the wiring process to ensure signal integrity.

Third, pay attention to the cooling and cooling of the equipment room.

When the wiring network equipment is at a high temperature and the heat dissipation is poor, the signal transmission is likely to be slowed down. Therefore, in the cable routing, the core components of the cable must be placed in a ventilated, heat-dissipating environment, so as to ensure the data transmission of the cable.