What are the measures for cable aging?

Update:09 Mar 2019

1. Strictly control engineering materials. When purchasing optical cables, it is necessary to understand the structural form of the optical cable, the selection of raw materials, production processes and technical indicators, and consider them comprehensively. Can not simply compare the price of a few cores. Pay special attention to the manufacturers and quality of optical fiber and fiber paste used in optical cables. Never use products that are too cheap but not strictly tested.

2. Strengthen contract management. Optical cables produced using inferior raw materials or improper processes are often difficult to detect during initial product testing, as aging takes a while. Therefore, in the procurement contract, it is necessary to clarify the responsibility and compensation for the failure of the optical cable to reach the expected life, and require the optical cable manufacturer to provide the optical fiber, fiber paste, loose tube, reinforcing core, composite aluminum belt, sheath material and other major raw materials for the corresponding optical cable. With specifications. Due to its long retrospective period, it is necessary to keep the contract and the corresponding attachments in a safe place.

3. Strengthen the analysis of the optical power variation of the carrying system on the optical cable, and find the problem in time. The aging of fiber optic cable is a gradual process, and early detection can be early treatment early prevention. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the advantages of equipment online at the moment, and use the network management method to collect optical performance parameters and comprehensive analysis of the machine line. At the same time, we must do regular testing and analysis of the line.

4. Use the aging cable to reduce the level or mix it with the normal cable. The increase in loss caused by cable aging is directly related to the length. By controlling the length of the aging cable, the loss can be changed within the allowable value of the device and the cable time can be extended. For example, the dry aging cable is reduced to a short-circuit local network, and in a long-distance regeneration section, one section uses a normal optical cable and the other section uses an aging optical cable.

5, good construction quality. The quality of the project also has a certain impact on the aging of the cable. It is necessary to do a good job in project quality management. In particular, the insulation qualification rate of the buried optical cable is strictly required during construction to prevent the joint and the optical cable from entering the water.