Three operators in 2018 cable assembly mining demand is expected to break 350 million core kilometers

Update:30 Jan 2018

The rapid development of China's optical fiber and cable industry, perfect industrial chain, has become the world's most important communications optical fiber and cable manufacturing base, but also the world's most important communications optical fiber and cable consumer market, from the downstream demand, the optical fiber and cable industry, the customer base is more concentrated , The three major state-owned telecom operators are the major end users in the domestic optical fiber and cable market. Their aggregate demand for mining accounts for more than 80% of China's market demand, accounting for only half of China Mobile's demand.

In the recent 5 years, the three major operators collected more than 700 million core kilometers of optical fiber and China Mobile procured more than 450 million core kilometers. From the annual collection volume, the demand continued to grow. From the set price, 2017 Unicom and Telecom will be the tender price increased to 62 yuan / core km and 60 yuan / core km, by 2018, mobile and telecommunications in order to ensure the speed of supply, have proposed an unlimited bidding mode , From the side reflects the operator's high demand for optical fiber and cable.

Recall that in 2017, China Mobile will conduct a total of 61.14 million kilometers core kilometers, 12.49 million core kilometers and 337 sections of core cables in 2017 in the form of ordinary optical fiber cables, non-cellular cables, butterfly optical cables and ordinary optical cables (two batches) China Unicom completed the assembly of ordinary optical fiber cables and ribbon cables for 2017-2018 with a total scale of 58.3 million core kilometers and China Telecom's optical fiber assembly scale in the first half of 2017 Million core kilometers.

As 5G network construction continues to make new progress in policies and industry advancement, all major operators maintain a relatively high growth demand. China Mobile announced that optical fiber cable procurement data in the first half of 2018 surpassed industry expectations and came from 5G, Internet of Things, The rapid growth of demand for data center construction has led to the continued explosion of China's optical communications industry.

Into the end of 2017, the three major operators have launched 2018 all kinds of cable assembly plan. Among them, China Mobile from January to June 2018 optical cable mining content shows that the general optical cable mining (the first batch) demand of about 110 million core km, the backbone of ribbon optical cable mining (the first batch) demand of about 5,498,300 Core kilometers. In contrast, the demand for ordinary optical cables by China Mobile in the first half of next year has risen sharply (by 80% and 63% respectively) over the two batches of previous two batches (611.4 billion core km and 667 billion core km), while the skeletal band The demand for cables has increased by more than 74% from the 2015 production of 3.15 million core km.

In addition, China Telecom has also launched a total collection of 54 million core 2018 projects (compared with the previous size of 35 million core km growth of about 50%), of which 400 million core kilometers into the optical cable, 50 million core km outdoor optical cable, Outdoor cable last bid last year increased 43%.

Looking forward, the Industry Research Institute predicts that the demand for China Mobile's optical fiber cables will reach more than 220 million core kilometers in 2018, an increase of about 50% over the amount of optical fiber cables used in 2017; meanwhile, taking into consideration the telecom Half a year 54 million core km) set the amount of mining, as well as China Unicom, radio and television, the State Grid and other needs, determine the domestic optical fiber demand next year is expected to reach 350 million core kilometers, an increase of more than 20%.

In the short term, the three major telecom operators will continue to increase the fixed-line broadband construction while the medium and long term will step up construction of 5G, Internet of Things, industrial Internet and data centers. As the foundation for network construction, optical fiber and cable will be built in the future Continued strong.