Power cable" - the broad name of the product

Update:10 Aug 2018
The corresponding model is written as ZR-YJV22-8.7/15. The model is written as described below. The distinction between wires and cables is that there is no strict limit between "wires" and "cables". Generally, a product with a small number of cores, a small product diameter, and a simple structure is called a wire, a non-insulated wire is called a bare wire, and the other is called a cable; a conductor having a large cross-sectional area (greater than 6 square millimeters) is called a large wire. Small (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) is called a small wire, and insulated wire is also called a wire.

The type and sequence of wire and cable are as follows: 1: Category, use 2: Conductor 3: Insulation 4: Inner sheath 5: Structural feature 6: Outer sheath or derivative 7: Manganese 1-5 and 7 Pinyin letters indicate that the polymer material is represented by the first letter of the English name, each item can be 1-2 letters; the sixth item is 1-3 numbers.

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